“Good Boy” Gaudyli
[ Lyrical Ninja ] Ninja Suppa!
`Till Become Dust
0 x 0 Memories – Kozue Takeuchi
1 + 1
1 th Perio Rhapsody
1/3 Romantica – Yuka Shibano
1/6 Jump
10 Carat Torte!X3
10 Million Scandal
16 Kiss
17 Th years old mama
18 Eighteen – Nanami Hataru
19 Nineteen
1st Boyfriend X 1st Girlfriend
21 G
24 Colors
24th July Avenue
3 Charming Host – Shin Kawamaru
3 Colors Signal
3 daY Cinderella
3 Years
37′ C Boyfriend – Minase Ai
37 Degress Boyfriend
38 C
4 Four Reason To Love Him
6 Days – Nunik T
7 Th Lesson Rhapsodi
8 Months Angel
9 Th Sleep
99″ Cacao
A Beautifull Egg – Takayashi Mimiko
A Business Enagrement
A Day Of Recruiter
A Famele Leopard and Royal Servan
A Fickle Gigolo – Wamino Takeshi
A Frosty Summer`s Day
A Gift for you
A Girl`s Melancholy
A Heart for Money
A Hint Of Purple
A Hundred Kiss
A Hundred Love
A Kind of Heart
A kiss from a Doctor
A Kiss To The Moon
A Little Sadness On Moon
A Maid`s Romance
A Medsummer Nigt`s Mid Fever
A Million Drop Of Taers
A Million Tears
A Mirade Wish
A Neverending Song – Igarashi Kaoru
A No To You
a nude woman
A Place In Your Heart – Bijou
A Sad Paradise
A Scent Of Peach On Love
A Stranger in Kitsunegahara
A Wild Reward
Absulute Awakening Angels Misterss Furtune
Adult Time
Adult`s Night`s Story
Adult`s Problem – Natsuki Oda
Adventure Boy
After School Juliet
After School Kiss Shino Watabe
After School`s Love Premonition – Hitsuna Mikawa
After We Kiss – Ira Ozaki
Afternoon Murder
Ai’s Trouble
Aisa – Onnie Krisnayana
Akutou Danshi – Haruko Kurumatani
Akutou II – Miyasaka Kaho
Alice’s Time
Aliensi Yamato Nadesiko
All About Eve
Alne In The Bright Day
Always Thinking of You
Always Together
Am 8:00 I love You
Am I A Murder
An Impossible Dream
An Island That Really Like A Heaven
Ana Go
Anastasia Club
Android Love
Angel Duster
Angel Kiss
Angel Magic
Angel Road
Angel Time
Angel`s Art – Yuna Seto
Angel`s Doppelganger
Angel`s Of Aures
Angel’s Eye
Angel’s Pandora Love ( The Saint & The Siner )
Angels Project
Anger Laugh and Love
Animal Jungle
Animal Temptation – Muki Momono
Another Kingdom
Another September
Another You
Anti Chocolate
Antique Romantic
Aoi Destruction
Aoi Kiseki – Mitsuko Miko
Aoyama Gosho
Aozora Kami Hilouki
Api Kehidupan
Apiece of Dream
Apple Tree
Aqua Marine
‘Aria’ At Dusk
Aria For Yearns the Love
Arrogant Darling
As Time Goes By
Ask the Angel
At The Our Place
Atashinchi Boys – Mijono Minami
Aoyama Cafe
B e
Baby I love you more than anyone
Baby Star
Backstage Prince
Bad Company
Bad Girl’s Hero
Bad Guy – Yoshimura Akemi
Bad Idea
Ban Boy Bad Girl
Barefoot Walk / mc
Be Careful Of Serious Men !
Be Gentle Please
Be My Darling
Be My Valentine
Beach Of Frerdom
Beast Boy & Girl – Asami Miyabi
Beast Love Theory – Akabe Yoshino
Beautiful Beast Superior
Beautiful Boy
Beautiful Doll
Beautiful immorality
Beautiful Man
Beautifull Sunset
Beauty & Sweet
Becouse I Love You – Eol Nagayama
Before Dawn
Behind The Bamboo Place
Benumbed season
Berita Hari Ini
Berna & Garland
Best Friend – Gita Juwita
Best Friends Until the End
Big Brother Distraction
Biniko’s First Kiss
Bintang Bintang
Bird Cage
Black Jacket’s
Blood Agreement
Blood Of Judgement
Bloody Kiss
Blooming Flower Sentimental
Blooming Love
Blose Your Eyes Love
Blue Daily
Blue Dragon – Battle on The Floating City
Blue Miracle
Blue Sheep Dream
Blue Tears
Body Girl
Bon Ami
Boneka Kematian
Bottleship Troopers
Bounty Hunter Zero
Boy Attack
Boy Friend
Boy`s Room
Boy`s Story
BoyFriend no 3 – Matsu Koto
Boyfriend younger than me – Rina Yagami
Boys Are Sweet Honey
Boys Feeling
Break The Silence
Brillian Magic
Broken Heart Salon
Bunga Dan Plenet
But I`m Love It
Butterfly kiss
Butterfly Loves Book – Nikki Fukada
Butterfly`s Spell
Cafe De Roman
Cafe De Romance
Can`t Be Hold
Can`t Stop Loving You – Toshi Sawara
Candy Boy
Candy Flower
Candy Kiss
Candy Magig
Canvas Extra season
Captivating Love – Yumi Natsuko
Capuccino With Philter
Caramel Crème
Caramel Diary
Caramel Kiss
Caramel Milk Tea
Caramel Whip
Carnivora Love
Castle of Dreams
Cat`s Dreams – Koasa Tomoko
Cat`s Paw
Catch The Heart
Cat’s Eyes
Celeb Boyfriend And Gergeous
Cengkeraman Roh Jahat
Cerita terbaik Miiko
Challenge Baby
Chand Maid
Chanel Wonder
Change !
Change Change
Chasing For Kiss
Chat Noir`s Tail
Check Mate
Cherries Fight “It’s Ok To Be The First” – Dargon P
Cherry Blossom
Cherry Blossoms
Cherry Fight – Yasuko
Cherry Girl`s Adventure
Cherry Love
Chick’s Alarm
Chiko’s Wish
Chiko’s Wish
Chikubi Panic
Children in love
Children Of Heaven
Chocolate Diary
Chocolate Temptation – Tsuzuka Moery
Choose Me
Choose Me!
Chrismas Rose
Christmas Angel
Christmas Stories
Cinderella Romance
Cinderella Time
Close range lovers
Close Your Eyes My Love
Coffe Romance
Cokelat & Mint
Color Of Love – Touda Yoshimi
Colorful Kokoro
Come Down And Dance
Coming Dark
Complicated 5
Complicated Love – Mayu Shinjo
Confession Clup
Continous Dream
Contract Kiss – Miyabi Asami
Cool !
Crass Crown – Yoshimura Akemi
Craying Stone
Crayon Sinchan / Edisi Khusus
Crazy 24 Hours
Crazy Love Game
Crazy Maniax
Crescendo to You
Crescendou for you
Cruel Husband
Cruel Man
Crush On The Other Side
Crying for Love
Crying out Love
Cupid of love
Cursed Psychic Game
Cursed Stamp
Cute Boy Beside Me – Madoka Miyake
Cutie Cue
D No Fuuin
Daemon Hunter
Daisy magic
Dancing Classroom
Dandan Aishite
Dandan Dakishimete
Dangerous game with my prinsess
Dark Venus
Dark Butterrfly
Dark City
Dark Feeling
Dark Heritage
Date Suki Dan Damon
Days to love at a delications
Days With Lecter
Dear Friends
Dear Miss Lourn
Deceptive knight
Dechi Sensuel
Deep Blue – Yukio Kanesada
Deep Love
Deepel Love Virus
Delicious Study – Yuu Watase
Delucion Virgin
Densa Otoko / Maciko Oca
Desert Storm
Devil Boy Friend
Devil Bride
Devil Kiss
Devil my boyfriend
Diamond Pretty
Dictator of Love – Miyako Rei
Dinosaur`s Dentist
Do Something Hiney For You
Do You Like It – Masaki Hanada
Do! Miracle
Doctor Hug Me Tight
Doctor Kiss
Dog Time
Doktor Hug
Doll Garden
Don,t Let Me Awake If This Is A dream
Don`t Fall Before Bloom
Don`t Love Me
Don’t Bind My Body
Don’t Call Me Teacher
Dont Say ” i Love You ” – Tamari Hideguchi
Don’t Tell Me
Don’t Underrested
Dorem Fight
Double in Eart
Double Personality
DR. Rin sc
Dragon Out The Resonance
Dramatic Irony
Dream Kira Kirado
Dream Lover
Dream of Raspberry – Maki Sato
Dream Stage
Dressed Up For You – Kazumi Ohya
Dunia Cermin
E` – Morimi Ashita
Eccentric Lover
Ecstatic Trading
Edo`s Diary
Egoist love
Elder Brother And LIttle Brother
Electric Brain Coil
Electric Shock Love Machine
Elfin Ring
Embracer Girl
Emotion Spring
Energic Teacher
Eraser In My Head
Erotic Prince
Erotic Roomance
Erotic VS Romantic – Kyo Takasimura
Escape Express
Et Cetera – Wagata Konomi
Eternal Flower
Etoile Girl
Evening Calm
Event In the Palace
Everlasting Portrait
Expensive Love Business – Kanan Minami
Explosion Diva 21
External Legend
Extra Ordinary Gentleman
Eye Witness
Eyeglasess Club
Eyes’s Labyrinth
Fake Angel
Fake Mariage
Fall in Love
Fall In Love Like A Comic
Fallen Angel
Fallen Snow
Falling From Heaven
Falling Heart
Falling In Love
Famili Game – Chiaki Karasawa
Family Copmplex – Mikiyo Tsuda
Fear of The Dark
Feeling Of Dream
Fengshui School – Haruka Shouji
Fetis His XX
Fever Delusion
Fiance Forever
Fighting Girl
Figure Star
Final Cistance
Final Fantasy XI The Final Continent
Fire Candy
Fire On Ice – MIchiyo Akaishi
First Experience
First Kiss – Miyasaka Kaho & Others
First Love – Nishi Keiko
First Love Study
first love white paper
First Romance
Firt Bath
Fist Love Rocket
Fist Romance
Floating Brigde of the Dreams
Flower Banquet
Flower Bouquet
Flower Rhapsody
Flowers City
Flower’s Momory
Flowery Dress
Flying Bubble
Flying Marmaid
Fonling Girl
For Endless Love Akiyoshi family series 2 – Banri Hidaka
Forbidden Love
Forbidden Love Secrt H
Forbidden Lover Simple Kiss – Ayu Watanabe
Forbidden Paradise
Forever Friends
Forever With
Forgive me Cinnamon
Forrest In The Evening
Free Spirit
Frog Prince
From Distant Time 4
From Morning To Noon to Even At Night
Fruits From Heaven – Michi Awa
Full of Sunshine
Fullmoon Honeymoon – Chieko Hara
Fullmoon Joker
Fusahose Girl
Future Is Ours
Gaba Kawa
Gakuen Heaven
Game of Love
Gargoyle on 3rd Street
Garudayana – Is Yuniarto
Gate Of Planet
Genmai Blade
Gentle ? or Wild ?
Get Up & Go
Get You
Ghost Only
Ghosts Hated Being Kissed – Uta NashiZuki
Gigolo /Noriko Kano
Girl In The Mirror
Girl Of Alps Heidi
Girlish Season – Natsuma Kawase
Girls A Girls B
Girl’s Love
Girl’s on Dream
Girls Talk
Girly Glass
Give A True Love
Give You Fairy Tales – Ayumi Shiina
Give Your Love
Glass Grave
Glass Wings
Glasses Love
Go Go Heaven
Go Go Ichigo
God’s Given Summer
Gods Of Avarice – Toui Hasumi
Gokuraku smile
Gold – yoshi Yuu
Golden Book
Golden Memory
Good Bey Time
Good bye and hello
Good Luck Hijiri
Good Night
Goodbye My Life – Ayuko
Gorgeous Doctor
Graduation Scramble
Grand Arise Pandora
Grand Liner
Grandpandora – Boundless
Great Waiter
Green Forest
Group of Prince
Growing Up
Guard Me ! Hold Me !
Guardian Angel
Guardian of White Robe
Gundam Char,s
Gundam oo
Gundam Wing
H 2 Love
Hakamada Piano Salon
Half Honey Moon
Hamster`s secret
Hana Monogatari
Hanamaru`s Kitchen
Hanari X – Day
Hana’s Card
Hanya Aku!
Happiness Color Bicycle
Happiness Keyword
Happy Ice Cream 1
Happy Birtday
Happy Bride
Happy Dining Table
Happy End
Happy End After Tears
Happy Rush
Happy Tin Shop
Happy Tomorrow
Harajuku Cutie
Hard Trainer – Takada Rie
Hatsuko summer Romansque
Haunted Bridge
Have To Say I Love You
Heart – Ayari Tasue
Heart Channel0
Heart’s Mistake
Heaven`s Will
Heavenly Dogs’ Stories
Heian Phantom Thief
Heise Kid
Hello !
Help !!
Help Strongest XXX – Iori Shigano
Her Instinct
Her Playboy challange
Hero Puff Girl
High School Love Story
High School Musical
High School Paradise
High Spirited Baby
Hight School Girl
Hijiri The Boy Next To me
His Hot Finger – Miyuka Sasune
His Lovely Princess
His Sweet Tactics
His Warm Finger
Hold Me , Guaed Me – Iwaoka Meme
Hold Me Warm
Hold U In Monocromatic Night – Natsuko Hamaguchi
Hold You
Holiday – Yasuko
Honey Moon
Honey Of Love – Ryu Yuuhi
Honey’s white book
Hopper – Galang Tirtakusuma
Hoshi Star – Nakamura Sayumi
Hosr Game
Hot Princess
Hotaru’s Illussion
Hotel Girl
Houou Academy
How Are You , Teddy Bear
How Come
Hug Me Kiss me – Chiba Kozue
Hugged For A Beast
Hundred Kiss
Hush a Bye Baby
Hutan Sumari
Hyakuuju Kingdom
I Am Incontinent
I Am Prince
I Can`t Stop It
I Cant Hold That – Tsuzuki Moe
I Can’t wait until the dark Come.
I Give You Love
i Give you the shortest poetry in the world
I Hate You But I Love You
I Just Wanna Love You
I Like you So Much
I like You Very Much
I Litre Of Tears
I Love Melodoli
I love this Wolf
I Love You
I Love You Even You Hate Me – Nayoko Hayura
I Love You So Much
I need You
I Pick Up The Prince – Yukimori Sakura
I still Love You Even Wake Up From My Dream
I Wanna Carry On
I Want Only You
I Want To Be A Fiance
I Want To Kwow Everything
I`ll Be Your Guard
I`m Not Going to Heaven
I`m The Bride
I`m Your Slave
I am incontinent
Ibu & Aku
Idol paradise
If I Were You – Nagayama Ei
If You Put Down Your Glasses
Ijime – Igarashi Kaoru
Ill Give You The Best Night
Ilusi Blue Hawai
Immorality Undermines
Imperfect Us
Imperial Thunder
in my 17th birthday
In the War
INCA The Illusion Kingdom
Innicence Princess ( The Royal Marriage )
Innocent Love Story – yumi Kayama
innocent Love Terrorist
Innocent White
Innocent World – Daisy Yamada
Instinc Honey – Chika Shiina
Invicible Boyfriend
Invincible Diva
Invincible Hight School Girls
Inviting Flower
Ira x Ira
It Loves, It doesnt loves
It Must Be Love
It`s Done
It`s Not Taboo
It`s Okay Though It`s Mean, Right?
It`s Too Soon !!
I want To Know Everytung About You
Izumo Flash of A brave Sword
J&J Story
Jackyl And Hide
Jewel Box
Jewel Of Midnight
Jewellery Eyes
JGL – Jagoan Geetu Looooh
Jin – Gai – Rie Nakamura
Jolly Roger Fantasy
Jou-Tachino Love Manual
Juliet Game
Jumbor Barutroniga
Jump Around
Jungle Sister – Akino Miru
Junior Hingschool
Just Between You and me
Just Fall in Love
Just For You
Just Leave it To Emiri – Morinaga Ai
Kaikan Phrase
Kanbayashi : 19 & 20
Ke Ujung Langit
Kick We Can Cange
Kidnap Me Please
Kimi No Tonari
Kimi Wa Gilrfriend
Kindaichi Spesial Edition
Kindan Princess
King of Hearts – Yoshino Aki
King Of Pawnshop And Romance
King’s Another Word
kiss And Body
Kiss And Regret – Mio Nanao
Kiss And The Body
Kiss for The Flower Thief
Kiss Me
Kiss me my sweet honey
Kiss Me with Mint
Kiss on Ice – Asami Miyabi
Kissing In The After School
Klub Misteri
Knight to the Rescue
Koi Koi Country Road
Koi Suta – Finding soulmate
Konohara`s Transfotmation Temple
Kotetstu Flower
Kumappuri – Tatsuyama Sayuri
Kungfu Chinmi Story
Kungfu Girl
Kupu-kupu Putih
Kursi Roda Doraemon
Kurumi’s Miracle
Kuteriakan Cinta Pada Dunia
L.O.V.E You & I
Labyrinth prince
Ladies,Let It Fall Before You Bloom
Lady & Bodyguard
Lady On Top – Takada Rie
Lagu Cinta Akiko
Last Adventure ( The Last Great Affair )
Last Boyfriend
Last Decision
Last Eden
Last Paradise
Le Cie1
Lead My Future – Natsuna Kawase
Leave It To Me – Iori Shigano
Legenda Rasetsu
Les Couples a Paris
Let’s go home
Let Me Hear The Lyric Akiyoshi Family series 4 – Banri Hidaka
Let`s Go Home – Konomi Wagata
Let`s Make A Wish – Sao Takebayashi
Let`s Meet At Hitabashi
Let`s Meet At School Tonight ! – Chiba Kozue
Let`s Meet At The Clinic
Let`s Voly Ball
Lets Go Home
Lets Go Napoleon
Let’s Go To Paradise
Let’s Go! Honey
Let’s Meet At Clinic
Let’s Volley Ball !
Light From Blak Cat Home
Like If I Forget U
Lilac Nocturne
Lip Cream
List Garden
Little Beans Love – Sachi Minami
Little Devil Boy Next Door – Haruka Moto
Little Devil`s Kiss
Little Promise
Locker 1999
Loking at the wind cause we can’t fly
Long Journey
Look! Love int The Sky
Looks Like Rain
Lose Control
Lost Virgin In Tokyo
Love & Beast – Minami Kanan
Love & Honey
Love & Tears
Love Affair
Love Affair Of After School
Love An Anemy
Love and being Loved, chase abd being chased
Love And Dream
Love And Mony
Love Angel
Love Arrow
Love Attack
Love Balloon
Love Beast
Love Beat
Love Blog Next
Love bridal
Love Castle White You
Love CHaser
Love Club – Hanju Tanaka
Love Collecting Game
Love Color Weather
Love Comic Lesson
Love Cruise
Love Cupit
Love Deco
Love Decoration
Love Delusion
Love Drug – Natsume Hirose
Love Essence
Love Etoile
Love Fantasy – Ai Hibiki
Love From H
Love From The Depth
Love Fruits – Shioko Mizuki
Love In a Tatoo
Love In Ofuro
Love In Paradise – Wataru Yoshizumi
Love in Peace – Miko Shita
Love in Trattoria
Love Is All
Love Is Innocent
Love is Not Enough
Love is On Air
Love Jewels
Love Junction
Love Knife
Love Laboratory
Love Laky /Asahina Yuuya
Love Letter
Love Letter From Angel
Love Lightly
Love Love
Love Love Nurse
Love love road
Love Maniac – Mari Yoshino
Love Maniac – Seta Harubi
Love Me
Love Monster – Erina Kamijo
Love Morals – Sinosuke Yosi
Love Of Suest Mary
Love Of Year Tenth – Okawa Hashino
Love Potion
Love Punch
Love Punishment
Love Puzzle
Love Renewal
Love Rookye
LOve Skill
Love Slave
Love Snow
Love Song
Love Song For You
Love Spiral – Kyohoshi Omaha
Love Story
Love Story Trees White Entwined Branshes & Taboo
Love Strategy – Souta Hazuki
Love Survival – Ikushi Yoshioka
Love Symphony Double Prince
Love Tiara
Love Training
Love Training Class
Love Traps
Love Tripper
Love Under The Blue Sky – You Sakurai
Love Vitamin
love You Swan
Love-love show
Lovely Decoration
Lovely Dekoration
lovely ice cream
Lovely Lesson
Lovely Router’s Song
Lovely Secret
Lovely Tails
Lovely Toy
Lover`s Sweet Time
Lovers Alpha
Lover’s Piano
Loving Animal
Loving Router Song
Lucky Girl
Lukisan Merah
Lullaby In June
Luna in The Blue Space
Lunatic Honey
M`s Dilemma – Yokoyama Mayumi
Ma irom Mangga
Mademoiselle Buterfly
Magic Melorin
Magical Sweet Mermaid
Magnifier Love
Maid In Love
Make Sweet – Mamiya Rin
Mama Trouble
Mangaka’s Love
Mantra Cinta
Many Objec Girl Of Love
March dream
March our heart together
Marine Girl’s
Marble Kids
Master And I
Mature Woman
May I Burn Cause Of You
May I Hold you
May I Love You
Mean Impulse “Secret of Medical Examination”
Meet The Boy
Mega X Ren
Melodi Kaca
Melodies in love
Melt in Hapiness
Melting Kiss
Melty Melty Honey – Mayumi Otada
Meong Meong
Meow Meow Meow
Mermaid bluses
Mermaid Queen
Meroama Lecture
Midnight Children
Midnight Doll – Miyazono Izumi
Midnight Express – Yasuko
Midnight Jewel
Midnight Moon
Midori is Tomboy 9
Mild Fever of the moon
Milk Drop
Milliam Blue Lake
Mimosa Salad
Minami No Jewel
Minimum Mania
Minimum Queen
Miraccle Happens
Miracle Ice Angel – Imai Yasue
Miracle Wing!
Mirror of Spring Water
Miss Convenience Store
Miss Holmes
Miss Love Hotel
Miss Prince
Miss Rain
Miss You
Misteri di Kiyosato
Misteri Ernest
Misteri Gadis Cilik
Misteri Lukisan Gulung
Misundestand Girl And Angry Prince
Moe Moe At Beach
Moe Power – Mitsune Kaneda
moekare officia;/fan/book
Moekyun ! – momoyuki Kotori
Moemoe Darling
Momo Momo Peach
Momochan Guru Kelas 1.3
Momoiro private High School
Momoko`s Love
Moon Flower Princess
Moon Light
Moon Love`s Secret – Taamo
Moon Waltz
Moonlight Cat
Moonlight Dancer
Moonlight Night Soushi
Moonlight Spice – Ken Saito
More 3x your toy
Morte – Ekyu
Murder For Sale
Murderous Intent
Musical Princess
My First Love
My Age Marine
My Best Mikan
My Best Rival is My Best Friend
My Bizzarre Love Story
My Boy + My Love
My Boy Friend Is My Marter
My Boy x My Love
My Brothers Secret
My Cherry
My Cinderella
My Client and Me
My Dear
My Dear Princess – Kazuko Furumiya
My Disteny
My Electrical Prince Takahashi
My ex-Boyfriend
My first Love To be Drowend
My Firt Love Is A Host & Rainbow Love In Japanese Hoter
My Ghost Sister – Ida Ariyanti
My Girl
My Glasses Girl – Jinna Mai
My love
My Love Rival Is A Liitel Kitten
My Medicine
My Melancholy Ninja Girl
My Real 17
My Secret Waiter
My Senior Is Too Hot
My Slave – Ozaki Kawari
My Sparkling Prince’s Magic
My Sparkling Star
My Summer Love – Shibano Yuka
My Sunshine
My Venus Lady
My Very dear bad boy
My Way
My Wing
My World Your Reality
Mysteriois Flower Garden
Mysterious Mirror
Mysterious Report
Mysterious Thief Milky Drop
Nadeshiko Prima
Naked – Miyauchi Saya
Natural Angel
natural prince
Natural Sweet heart
Naughty cute girl
Naughty Darling
Naughty Honey
Naughty Love – Nanami Michi
Naugthy Navigation
Nes Shi Sen
Never Give Up!
News Girls
Next to you
Night of Honey
Night Of The Wedding ( The Unruly Chaperon )
Ninja Girl
No Secret in 1.8 m2
Nobody Cry
Non Stop Girl
Nonh Stop Non
Not For Kids
Nude – Noriko Kanou
Oh My God
oh! my little boy
Oh,No! Teacher
Ohisama No Hana
Oishinbo – Tetsu Kariya
Okita in Memory
Old Castel Princess Song ( A Chieftain Finds Love )
Olve From The Depth
On The Way To Awedding
Once Your Were There
One gesture
One Side Moon Love
One Side Of Love
Onigawara Yokocho Sancho-me – Yagami Chitose
Only For This Love
Only For Today
Only Love
Only Loving You
Only Need You DNA – Norako Fumiya
Ony You
Open Sesame
Open Your Heart
Orange Kiss
Orange Revolution
Otome No Saino
Our Café – Mie Washio
Our Journer
Our Love Chance
Our Pink – Ayano Saijo
Our Secret Garden
Our Youth
Overflow Mind
Overhead Cottage
OX Maru Batsu Lovers
P.S I Love You
Pacar 365 Hari Akiyoshi family series 1 – Banri Hidaka
Pair of glass
Pajama`s Wish
Pancer Princess Punie
Panggung Kematian
Panorama Hour
Panther And Wolf – Yuji Nakazato
Paper Plane
Paradise Door
Paradise Kiss
Paradise Wars!
Parfume Extrant – Kaori Yuki
Part Time Kids GO
Party Boy
Passion From Love
Passion Kiss
Passionate Love
Past Promise
Pastel Tone
Pattern of Love – Yoko Kamura
Please Wait Untill I Fall In Love
Pemakan Mimpi
Penguin Prince
Perfect Diver
Perfect Partner – Kanan Minani
Phantasm – Gido Amagakure
Piece Of Enternity
Pieces of Summer – Nanami Michi
Pinguin Detective
Pink Eyes
Pink Prisoner
Pinku De Iko
Pinky Labyrinth
Plastic Baby In Love 1
Platina Idol
Play Ground Love – Miyuki Nagakura
Play Temptation – Ryu Yuuhi
Playful Boy
Playing LOve Performan With me
Pleasant Duty
Please Love Star
Please Reach Me About Sensi
Please Stop The Time
Please wait until i fall in love
Please, Love Me – Haruko Kurumatani
Plim Blosson
pm 5 :00 time when we falling in love
Pocketful of Happiness
Poisoning Boy
Polkadot Fabric
Power of Love
Powerfull Cheers!!
Pretend Mirriage
Pretty Anzu Perfect
Pretty Boy
Pretty Road
Pretty Young Boy
Prime junkies
Prince and Me
Prince Are Reliance
Prince of Sewing
Prince Thirst Love
Prince`s Girlfriend – Aihara Miki
Princess & Her Pet
Princess & I
Princess Bride Story
Princess Flower
Princess Love A Game
Princess Sakura
Princess Secreat
Private Lesson
Promise in Summer
Proof of an Adult
Psyche The Otaku Girl
Pudding & Me
Puer Boyfriends Host Work
Puer Love Striptease
Puppet Show
Pure Drops
Pure Heart – Ryuga Kotaro
Pure Love Junky
Pure Love Night Club
Pure Love VS Desire
Pure Pure
Quarrel is also called love
Queen`s Egg
R Kuru Ni Kuru
Rahasia Taman Bunga
Rainbow over her arms
Rakuen sakura
Ramalan Cinta Teru Teru
Ramen & Labbyrinth
Ravaz Concerto
Reach my star !
Reaching For Star
Reak Kiss
ReaL vove
Reason To Love Him
Receive handsome Youth
Red & Green Rodeau
Red Thread of Fate
Remote Control of Love
Replicant, The dreamer
Resound This Sky
Rewounded Love
Rex The Story of Dinosaurus Clamp
Rhapsody in July
Rhytmical Style
Right Hand Love Letter
Ring Finger Prince
Ring Love
Rion’s Salon
Rockin Girl
Rockin Heaven
Rokka Chan`s Love – Fujita Nimi
Rokka Chan`s Love Another Story – Fujita Nimi
Romance of Herself
Romantic Beauty
Romantic Prince – Aoi Michiru
Rose Media
Rowdy And Maria
Royal Green
Ruin Summer
Run Persona
Rust Blaster – Yana Toboso
S.P.Y 1
Sacrifice Angel
Sad Stories
Saint Roommate
Sakura Night
Sakura Rhythm
Sand of Suna
Sangoku Musou
Satu Atap – Azisa Noor
Say Good
Say It More
Say That I Love You – Ioro Shigano
Say Yes
Say You Love Me
Sayakas attack
Sayap Yang Tak Bisa Terbang – Yasuko
Sayonara Papa
Sayonara Rocking Horse
School Paradise
Sea Foam
Seal of Maria
Seal Slash Kizuna 2
Season’s First Flower
Second Striptease
Second Lovers
Secreat Kiss
Secret Base
Secret Darling
Secret H Stories
Secret Hope
Secret Kiss
Secret Love
Secret Love Class
Secret Love In The Bright Moon Night
Secret Lucky Doll
Secret mark
Secret Of The 7 th Lesson
Secret Passion
Secret Promise of the Beast – Ryu Yuuhi
Secret With Butller
Seika Super Police of Nation
Seiouden Kirin
Sejuta Bintang
Sejuta Cinta
Sejuta Kali Lipat Rasa Suka
Selfish boy
Selfish Love
Sell My Soul
Sensitive Area
Sensitive Kiss
Senyuman Roh Jahat
Separate Color
September Storm/mc
Serina Rrenewal!
Service of Love
Seven Colors Myth
Seven Love
Seven Love Hill
Sex Friend
Sexy Angels
Shadow Lady
Shadow of Pink Summer
Shangguri Love
Shape of Love – Watari Sakou
Sheet Hole
She’s Kids!
Shibuya Ward Maruyama City – Okazaki Mari
Shine Aoba
shine brightly
Shirahime The Snow Goddess
Shirley – Kaoru Mori
Shoujo Magic
Silent Telepathy
Since I meet You
Skeleton In The Closet
Sky – Mizutani Ai
Sky Colour , Love Colour – Showa Ichikawa
Sleep Walker
Sleeping Beauty Doesn’t Wake Up
Sleeping Next To You – Yoshiko Amatsu
Small Devil, Evil Kiss – Arito Kijou
Sneaker Age!!
Snow Reflect Dream About You
So what If We Are Sister And Brother?
Sold out
Somenthing that I Could`n Say
Someone in The Dark
Something That is So Hard To Say – Himitsu no Hanazono
Song For You
Song of Caramel – Miyuki Yorita
Sorry I Like Double
South Jewel
Southern Cross
Sparkling Note
Sparkling Twinlers
Special Day Special H
Spirit of Kondemari
Srawberry holiday
St. Cattleya Kindergarten
St. Valentine’s Body Guard
Star Canvas
Star Color Present
Star Post
Starlight Carnival -Hazuki rei
Start From Love
Stay – Yuna Machi
Stay in
Stay The Same Akiyoshi famyli series 3 – Banri Hidaka
Still Dreaming – Yoshimura Akemi
Stone Cold
Story a Wife
Story of a Princeess
Story Of About You
Story of Two Princess
Straberry trap
Strange Dreams
Strawberry Cake
Strawberry Moon
Stray Cat
Stroke Material – kotobuki Atsuta
Strom In Heaven
Sub Tropical Zone Girl
Success Road
Suddenly Love
Suit God
Suki Nante Ienai
Suki Suki Darling
Sukishite Sadist
Summer kiss
Summer Love Story
Summer Paradise
Summer Snow – Yukari Kawachi
Sun Shines On You
Sunshine On Your Hair
Super Princess
Swan Lake
Swear Love
Swear Love On You Knees
Sweet Beast
Sweet Bilingual
Sweet Black
Sweet Caramel
Sweet Darling
Sweet Death
Sweet Devil’s Harem
Sweet Dream
Sweet Dreams
Sweet Hug
Sweet II
Sweet Life
Sweet Little Devil – Chiori Wakana
Sweet Love
sweet love affair
Sweet love lesson
Sweet Memory
Sweet Nasumi
Sweet Revenge
Sweet Sweet Darling – Masami Morio
Sweet Words No Love
Sweet, Bitter, And Sly – Hanada Yumi
Sweeter Than Devil
Sword And Mademoiselle – Harumi Yoshikura
Taboo- Mayu Shinjo
Take The A Train
Tanaman sayuran
Teacher and Me and the First Time
Teacher, My beloved one
Teacher, The One I Love
Teacher’s Favorite
Tears of Love
Teasing My Body
Teen Age
Teenage Days – Usami Tae
Teenage Story
Telepathy Kiss
Thank You
That Voice, That Finger, That Lips
The Admier
The Beads Club
The Beast and me
The Best Selection Miyuki Kitagawa
The Best Selection of Yuki Yoshihara
The Best Selection of Yumi Tamura
The Best Twins – Nana Shiiba
The Blue Library
The Buried Anger
The Bus Guide
The Case Of The Missing Secretary
The Cat’s Beautiful gift
The Cloud Maker
The Comic Club
The Crescendo memory
The Crescent Moon Wound – Noharai Tokei
The Cross Triangle
The Deserted Kimono
The Devil
The Devil Altar
The Duck
The Earth of March
The Evolution Love
The Experience
The First One – Mitsuki Kaco
The First Time
The First Time Like This
The Flamed Marriage
The Flower Blossom Girl
The Flower Crown Princes
The Flower From Heaven
The Flower Promise
The Flower Story
The Flying Falcon
The Four Seasons – Eiki Eiki
The Genius Prince
The Gift Fromm Heaven – Mizutani Ai
The Girl in The Sepia
The Girl’s Toy
The Goddess
The Heroine is not suitable For me
The Honeymoon Contrac
The Idol Night Face
The Immorarity
The Invincible Wing
The Invisible Virgin
The king of magic lamp
The King Of Magic Lamp
The Last Sorceress
The last train schedule
The Latency Period of Love
The Legend Of Reina
The Liar Angel
The Litters
The Love Pain at 19
The Lower Part Of Body Is Monster
the marquess of mollet
The Melodiy Of Heart
The MEssenger from Worldend
The Miracle of finding you
The Mistress Bride
The Name of Crown
The nerver coming Present
The one I love
The Only S, The Absolute M
The other Judas
The Patient Nurse – Diana Palmer
The Peach Tree
The Pinkish secret love
The Power And The Paisson
The Power Of Love
The Precious One
The Price Of Rules
The Princess Is My Life 1
The Red Velley
The Resonance Of Love – Saki Shiumi
The Right Way To DIscipline A Man
The Rival – Amane Yuko
The Romance Of Princess Atsu
The Room That Looks Good In The Raining
The Samurai Neko
The Seal Of Beast Demon
The Secret Garden
The Secret Kiss in a Fairy Tale
The Secret Love Mirage
The Secret Message
The secret of beauty
The Secret Prince in my ring
The Sheikh’s Proposal
The Shekh`s seducation
The Shining Tomorrow
The Shortest Poetry For You
The Song Of Dream Sky
The Song Of Little Sheeps
The Sound of Love
The Spring over the hill
The Story Of Your Flirtation
The Strongest Love Story
The Sudan Robe – Kodama Yuki
The Ugly princess
The Ultimate Yuutopia The 2nd Best Collection
The Underground Kids
The Unhappy Hero
The Unsaved Delta
The Word Love
The World is Yours
The Wrong Miror
TheMarfelous Bitter Boy
Theres Nowhere Thet There Is No Love
The Underground Kids
Things To Find
Thiro #4
This evening I’ll get drunk of you
This Song is For You
This World is Belong to Us – Azine Sugi
Thorn Love – Yini Yukimura
Thousand Birds in the Fall
Thr Fruit Of Forbidden love
Three Dreams
Throbbing Tonight
TIed Up By You
Time Capsule
Time For Dog
time To Lie
To Be Lady On Top
To Get Him In 10 Days
To See My Love Sing
To See My Love Sing
To Walk With You
To Your Moon
Toad’s Curse
Today Deaserts
Together We Will be
Together in sunday
Tokyo BoyFriend
Tokyo Erogance
Tokyo Sabotage
Tonari No Hijiri Kun
Tonoi’s Bride
Torn Angel
Touch of empeliness
touched by you
Touching Memories
Tragedi di Arena Ski
Training Love
Trash Can
Traveling Girl
Triangle Kiss
Tripel Honey
Triple Knock
Trouble Cozmo
Trouble Idol
True Stories About Pregenancy And Marriage
Trust Hina
Tsunamix : 1 & 2
Tujuh Keajaiban di Sekolah
Turning Point
Twilight in Winter
Twinkle Cherry – Obara Shou
Twinkle Twinkle
Two Beast
Two Heart meet in west tokyo
Ultra Hanamaru Z – Mariko Kosaka
Umi No Misaki
Unconditional Love
Undefeat Able Sayaka
Under The Sun
Under The Train – Keiko Honda
Unhonesty Man
Uniform Boy Ang Secret Love
Unkown World
Unlucky Girl
Unrequited Love
Until It Become Love
Uranbana – Katsuta Bun
Usagi Yojimbo – Seasons / Musim musin – Stan Sakai
Usakuma Wonderful
Usakuma Wonderful
Valentine Place
Vampire Crisis – Akabe Yoshino
Very Cheer Girl
Very Very
Virgin Excitement
Virgin Girl
Virgin Hotel
virgin in love
Virgin Lesson
Virgo, Special , pearl Star
Visitor in the night of star
Vitamin Kiss
voice of love
VS . Girl Class
Wait for Me At The Opera
Waiting For A Handsone Guy
Waiting My Teacher
Wakaba’s Whistle
Walking Time
Walking With Papa
Wanted – Prequel from One Piece
Watase Yuu`s Manga Manual
We Are
Wedding Fever
Wedding Perfumer
Wedding Eve
Welcome to slope mansion
We’re not Alone
Wet At Mid Suummer
What Happened With Purple ?
What Why Honey
When I Think of You
When The Angel Rest Her Wing – Michiko Kurosawa
When You Look Like an Angel
When You Wake Up Tomorrow
Which Is Devil
Whimsical Graffiti
Whisper of The falling Snow
Whistle in the heart
White Carol
White Castle
Who is My Heroine?
Who`s gonna show the natural look
Whos Afraid Of Wolves ?
When I become a Mother
Wild Cats
Wild Strawberry
wild Tales Series – The Mirror Of Sand
Wild Tales series Flying To The Star
Wild Talles
Wind Rider
Wind Sea & Moai
Wings From The Future
Winter Rose
Wish To Lie Beside You
Wit Ches` Holiday
With You
With You In Blue Rose
Wolf And Bee
Woman’s Miracle
Wonderful Marriage For You
Words of vow
Wuthering Thriller
X-Zone – Aoki Takao
Yamada Family 1
Yamato Youshiroku
Yang Tak Terlupakan
Yankee Girl
Yayans Heart
Yellow Pop
Yesterday Yes A Day
Yoru Cafe
You All I Want
You Are Mine
You are my shunsine
You Are My Wings
You Come Down Dancing
You Make My Heart Beating Fast
You Who Alove To
Young Lady Please Dont Be Too Hard
Younger Boy – Hazumi Yuki
Your Captive
Your Cheeck Drowning
Your Dark Wings
Your Kiss Is the Great
Your Long Hair In The Wind
Your Magig Hand
Your Order Maid
Your pure Heart is a fool instnct
Your Smile
Your Smiling Face
Your White Wings
Your Wolrd
You’re Only Mine – Mayuko Hayuta
You’re There
Youth Diary – Nana Haruta
Yowamushi`s Diary
Yuki Loves Yell
Yukinko !!
Yukisaki Love Koisaki
Yume No Tsuzuki
You are my Treasure
Youth Survival
Zodiac Mirror


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  1. Lya
    Agu 12, 2010 @ 09:34:47

    Hi.. aku ingin tanya, harga per buku’y berapa ya..?


  2. Soah
    Sep 21, 2010 @ 02:17:11

    Tu komiknya..?
    Baru ato seken ya..?


  3. ayie
    Sep 26, 2010 @ 17:14:31

    gmn pesen nya??


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